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Restaurant, Food Court & Cafe Interior Renovation

We can't deny that hiring the best chef in the town is important to start your restaurant business. However, it is never enough by having a good food in your restaurant. The interior design of restaurant is also an important element to attract people besides of delicious menu in hand. While providing good dining experience, the atmosphere should also reflect friendliness, comfort, and attractive to the customers. It is not necessary to spend big budget on renovation. There are several ways to keep your restaurant business run well with profitable.

Initially, start working on exterior design of your restaurant. The restaurant's exterior design should able to reflect the theme meanwhile attract attention of new customers. Consider adding creative wall panel at the entrance with signboard. A display glass cabinet placed into the wall panel allows you to display some sample of food in your restaurant. Also, you can place an outdoor menu to list down your daily or weekly specials menu. This may attract potential customers to step into your restaurant and give it a try.

The next step would be planning the seating plan of your restaurant. Different type of restaurant fit in different shape of tables, either round table or square table. Round table is popular for fine dining as it allows the guests to speak with each other without any difficulty. Square or rectangular table is suitable for bigger group as it can combine together when needed. For better comfort, quality and beauty furnishing, consider adding some cushion bench seats.

Restaurant lighting and colour theme is another important element which you shouldn't neglected. The overall enjoyment of the meal is important besides of food taste, texture, and presentation itself. Warm colour theme such as red encourages appetite, which is suitable for Indian, Chinese, or Mexican restaurants. If you plan to operate sushi bar or fine dining restaurants, light and neutral colour fit the environment well.

To enhance the environment of restaurant, wall covering is one of the solutions to consider. Material used for wall covering present the different effect to the restaurant too. Wood is the popular choice for wall covering material as it creates luxurious and warm atmosphere. There are other materials available in the market such as tile, cork, terrazzo, draperies, brick, stone and plaster. From the interior and exterior design of the restaurant, it tells your customers how much you care about their dining experience besides of providing quality food.

Midor holds strong foundation in restaurant renovation, keeping creative works and operation at its sweet balance. The restaurant industry has been commonly stamped with impression of being the hardest to break into, because it involves multitude of factors to achieve success. In today's restaurant industry, many rely heavily on interior design to attract ever flowing crowds in shopping malls. The interior designing of restaurant has a dramatic impact on the type of guests that restaurants attract. Restaurant interior design and renovation is extremely compelling like any other arts, which calls upon creative and subtle touches down to fine details. Midor is opened for all ideas from owners, hence we practice a thorough discussion as to which design direction the restaurant intends to steer. The range of job scope is important as well. Would you prefer a simple update, or a complete overhaul to the ambiance of your restaurant? Fundamentally, the restaurant design should set a clear cuisine of what you serve seating & accommodations etc. Midor is your ideal business partner for a complete design and renovation contracting team for your restaurants. We deliver quality on time, and on budget. Look through our project gallery on our past projects with household names, which we hold plenty of pride for.