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Interior Design and Build in Malaysia - The Midor Advantage.

We take each and every integral element with the finest attention in interior design and build. We have been creating quality interior environment that a few interior decorators can come close in Malaysia. We pay tremendous effort to make sure the design is in line with out client's preferences, desires and needs. Having extensive experience in variety of projects in both commercial and residential sector, we have carves success on household names like Watson, Guardian, KFC, Alliance Bank, Toyota and counting. We built ourselves forts of reputations through thoughtful, creative and responsive designs tailored to reflect everybody's personal taste and lifestyle. Perhaps, the general perception for interior design and build revolves around aesthetics. To us, we build something beyond that – Form, Function, Comfort and Style.

Midor Interior has created a culture where the entire team is respected. This is reflected in delivering our highest quality interior design and build solutions for properties as well as home furnishings. We make sure all the interior design and build projects taken are provided by our in-house designers directly. They are all specifically trained with unique set of skills and interior design knowledge to fit our projects. This is done to ensure the authenticity and quality we deliver will always be on par with expectations. We never compromise on quality.

Interior design and build is more than mere fixtures and fittings assembled for visual impacts. A good interior designer should create spaces which feel comfortable for people to work around within the environment. Midor Interior is more like a team of well trained commercial interior designers and build contractors, working hand in hand around any budget to a fruitful and creative completion of your house or office space. Because we have almost four decades of experience, that doesn't make us perfect. We are still constantly learning and growing, and we are confident that our clients will reap the most benefits. Here are several key considerations Midor Interior recognizes to be important:

  • We listen. We listen to what you want, understand your lifestyle before going all in to design. That being said, we never push our personal style into your space.
  • We work around budget. Yes we understand all company and home owners have their restrained budget for interior projects. That is why we insist on forming a solid budget up front, and stick with it throughout the entire project.
  • We offer free consultation. This is the session where we get to know each other; we try to ensure confidence in taking care of your interior spaces.
  • We provide stunning visual and mockups before any knockings and drilling begins. Some designers can't build while some contractors can't design. Incidentally, we are good at both.

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