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Kelab Teluk Warisan Resort, KT
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Maxim Hotel
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Hotel Renovation & Interior Design Contractors

We are Malaysia's leading specialist in hotel interior design and hotel renovations. We find pleasure in connecting our discerning clients with the best interior design talents. Midor is an interior design and hotel renovation expert in Malaysia, and this extends to the hospitality industry. Every hotel bears their own DNA, and we strongly believe it should extend to their architectures and interior designs. Whatever the shape of size of the hotel room, we at Midor are known to maximize space and functionality as well as make effective use of available light and space. We keep close contacts with all principles at all time, to keep all parties updated at stages of the entire project. Midor combines a mix of luxury styling with clients' commercial requirements. Whether it is modern lines or period charm, our client can have the style that suits their needs. This approach helps to create accustomed interior design, where creativity and vision meet commercial environment.

​Hotel Reception

​We at Midor believe that the reception area is the first impression given to a guest when they first step into the hotel. Therefore, it is important to make it more inviting for guests. Our renovations and designs include modern yet extremely sophisticated reception counter and a comfortable waiting space to make the area cozy and enjoyable for everyone.

​Hotel Lighting

​​We understand that lighting plays a vital role in a hotel interior design because it has all the power in the world to affect the mood of the guests. We in Midor have everything you need to illuminate your hotel—breathtaking chandeliers for your lobby and concierge space, top of the line table lamps for nightstands and writing desks, recessed and so much more!

​​Hotel Rooms

​Hotel rooms interior design is the part that Midor pays the most attention to; for guests spend most of their time in their rooms compared to anywhere else in the hotel. The rooms need to be spacious and cozy. Each hotel has their signature style. Midor is here to make yours stand out.

​Hotel Bathrooms

​One of the first things guests notice right after entering their individual rooms are the bathrooms. Everyone tends to be the most comfortable at home. We at Midor want to make our client's hotel bathrooms just as comfortable – as or in fact better than home. We can also design custom cabinets that suit the bathroom space so that it can be tidy and spacious.

​Midor has almost 5 decades of experience in renovating and interior designing. There is no one better to consult than us. For more information, please visit our website at or drop us an email at