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Shopping Mall Renovation

Midor has been renovating shopping mall outlets for a number of years around Malaysia. The bricks and mortars around shopping mall directly speak of its brand and corporate image. The interior design and furnishing is extremely important attract the ever flowing crowd, with short span of attention to individual outlets. Midor aims to bring contemporary and eye catching designs to shopping mall outlets in Malaysia to help tackle the issue. Since all shopping mall outlets are sited indoor with close to no natural lightings, the crucial part of a shopping mall renovation is proper use of lightings, to better help accentuate your displayed products. We offer thorough analysis over your mall outlet space, so we can draw down possible improvements and remodeling works. We are dedicated to only deliver our best from conceptual design artwork to all finishing touches. Midor keeps clients in constant contact at every stage of the project, so the progress and budget keeps within planned figures. We keep the entire project timeline short, so the shop can get back on operations as soon as possible. Midor ensures a quality finish to your shopping mall outlet, a look you and your customers will be delighted to experience, and the finest workmanship you can get for your shopping mall outlet. Have a look at our work below for all shopping mall renovations in Malaysia by Midor.

Sungai Wang KL
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