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Malaysia Interior Design and Build:

What to Expect from Malaysia Professional Interior Designers

You alone know what how you want your office to come out. This is the environment you are going to work from for many years to come and it needs to reflect your style and preferences. The good thing is that you can get this at a price that will not make you bankrupt. What do we do to ensure that you get what you desire in your office interior design and build?


This is the first phase of design that we do. It involves gathering the necessary information about the design job. What does this entail?

  1. Measuring of the site in focus
  2. Taking photos
  3. Analyzing site conditions
  4. Defining the objectives of the client

Several factors shall be put in consideration before designing the house. The space available, function and the image you want to portray. This design will be done in close association with the client.

Preliminary design

During this stage, the interior designer puts the ideas that were discussed in predesign are put in sketches and visual presentations. These provide the direction that the interior design and build work will take. The client is given a set of plans, sections and elevations so that he can go through and approve before moving to the next phase.


In this stage, the interior designer translates the information into technical details that will be put to the final use. The interior designer comes up with blueprints which will also show the materials that shall be used for the job.

The details will include the type of materials and where they shall be installed to bring out the final look for your office. In this phase, the lighting will be discussed; colors and other design plans shall be implemented.

The specifics will be implemented with close supervision and monitoring.

What do we bring to your project?
You will receive a professional assessment of the project at hand

The plan of action you get is solid and guaranteed.
You will save on materials because there will be no wastage.

You will be able to get deals on furnishings and other accessories.

Education and expertise, coupled with experience to narrow down the material selection that you can choose from. This makes it possible for you to eliminate the possibility of selecting poor materials.

With interior design and build, you will need careful and accurate measurements so that the items fit well and bring out a good arrangement for you.

If you are unable to choose the style which will be perfect for the room, then you have no worry because the interior designer will help you select the perfect style for the room.

You will be better placed when you know all the alternatives that you have for the project. The interior designer will discuss with you every option that will give you what you need in interior design.

The interior designer comes with knowledge about the latest trends on the market which has been gathered from professional trade shows and extensive research from libraries and online catalogs. This is applied to your project so you get the latest design information.

As a client, you may not have the time to move around to get materials and browse for designs for your interior design and build work. The interior designer saves you the time which you can use on other tasks.