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Choosing Malaysia's Best Renovation and Commercial Interior Design Company

By Bryan Low

Interior designing is no longer restricted to just homes and hotels. Commercial interior design and renovation have taken the industry by storm. However, there are many things one needs to keep in mind while designing and renovating a commercial space. A lot of strategic planning goes into this process. The end result should make appropriate use of space, be cost effective and also have a sense of uniqueness. Read on for some useful information.

Color palette is one of the most basic yet most important aspects of interior designing of commercial spaces. Traditional colors like red, green, orange and yellow should be avoided while decorating office spaces. Stick to more subtle shades like grey, white, black and other pastel colors. These colors go well with any shade of furniture and make the space look bigger and neater. They also lend a very sophisticated and professional tone to the premises.

Lighting is another important aspect, which goes hand in hand with color palette choice. Designers need to ensure that there is adequate lighting to facilitate productive work, without taking away from the chosen color palette. Many commercial spaces are doing away with overhead lighting and opting for softer lamp lighting in individual work stations. They compliment these lamps with soft wall lighting for general illuminations.

The right type of furniture also plays an important role in commercial interior design and renovation. Initially, the only criteria office furniture needed to meet was that it should be cost effective. However, with the number of working hours rising and people spending more time at work, employees are now looking for furniture that are not just cost effective but also comfortable, stylish and durable. It is often said that a commercial space's furniture speak volumes about the company. With commercial interior designing or renovation, it is important to make proper use of space. Gone are those days when office spaces had small, cramped up cubicles for people to work in. These days, companies prefer a more collaborative design for their offices where there's more open space. This not only facilitates better air circulation, it also helps in better communication among employees.

With environment issues grabbing everyone's attentions, commercial properties are compelled to oblige to social norms. Therefore, it is essential that these spaces are designed in a very eco-friendly manner.

Money saved is money earned – this is the motto most companies go by. What better way to save money than using dual-purpose equipment like chairs with table arms, cabinets with slide-out seats and cubicles that can be used for sudden meetings.

Useful Tips for Commercial Interior Design and Renovations

Your lobby or reception is the first look an outsider gets of your company and you know what they say – "The first impressions is the last impression." Hence, it is important to design this space very professionally, yet add an element that grabs the visitor's attention.

Brainstorm and plan strategically before taking an action. Choose the wall painting colors, furniture and other essentials well in advance so that you can mix and match your ideas later.

Always ensure that the layout theme remains professional but not boring. This affects employee productivity in a big way.

Commercial Interior Design can be a tricky business but with the right planning, it can be very effective in enhancing the look of a commercial space.