Malaysia Commercial Interior Design | Office Renovation

Commercial Interior Design & Office Renovation:

Important Design Elements

Commercial interior design and office renovations provide opportunities to update the corporate image of the company and produce a fresh ambience to the company. Employees and clients will feel delightful over the new image. When undergoing a commercial renovation, it is common for owners to lose sight of vital elements that will give their space a whole new look, hence an interior design company should help. Achieving a stunning finish that exudes high-end charm is a great objective for any commercial renovation. Therefore, it is important to seek the help of an interior design company that has a proven track record in executing these tasks. Below are four important design elements for commercial renovation.


Wood has the ability to bring clam and peace to anyone's mind and soul. Wood brings the flourish of stylishness to a commercial space without edging it out visually. It is among the few materials that can be finished to exactly look like glittery marble or can be used as raw and unstained to divulge its elegant imperfections of knots and grains. Incorporating wood in your commercial interior renovation elements will give your space a whole new look thanks to its natural splendor. The best thing about wood is that it's the simplest and warmest of all materials and comes in a range of applications, species, and finishes. From interior flooring to ceiling beams it can be refinished from older structures to extend its longevity without losing the classical touch.

Incorporating elements of glass like beautifully lit cases enclosing the designer items is also a great method to achieve an award-winning look and feel in a commercial setting. Glass is one of the materials that are widely utilized in infrastructures; let it be the wall, window or a door. It is contemporary and gives a sophisticated look. Glass used as the door is mostly considered for the interior of the office where much privacy is not a matter of concern. Glass doors are extremely stylish, with a range of designs that you can pick from. One advantage of using a glass as a commercial interior element is that it gives a delusion that the space is larger, due to the amount of sunlight shine through.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel has the ability to enhance a commercial setting with structure and firmness. It's an exceptional element with a strong character in corrosion, hardness and resistance. It has amazing potentials and can take on lots of different personalities, from the modern and stark to warm and tactile. Today, designers don't use stainless steel as a sheet metal like they used to do in the past. In new the applications, they are linked together just like chain mail. Designers also use it in associations with glass since it puts a stronger importance on stainless-steel.


Furniture can transform interior spaces into comfortable, distinctive and inspiring accents. There are many designs of furniture that can fit your style perfectly and are functional. Wood furniture is among the most popular because it is durable and elegant. For people who prefer rustic and country appeal to their interiors, artisan crafted furniture will do the trick perfectly. Working in a stunning office setting is not only beneficial for your employees, but clients as well. Therefore, hire a commercial interior design company to help you choose a commercial design element that suits you.