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What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

Midor Interior is one of Malaysia's top interior design and construction firms, specializing in commercial interior design and restoration projects. We have many commercial interior design portfolios thanks to our nearly forty years of interior design and restoration business expertise. Our highly talented and creative staff has earned us several major interior design honors, allowing us to be recognized as one of Malaysia's top interior design firms.

Midor Interior Designer and Furnishing is a Malaysian interior designer and finest restoration contractor with over four decades of expertise in Malaysia and its surroundings. Mr. Woo Kun Yeow founded Midor Interior Designer and Furnishing in 1972. His significant expertise in commercial interior design and build, commercial re-modelling, construction, and steel fabrications are deeply etched in the company's successful "design and build" business style.

What is the Role of an Interior Design Consultant?

Interior designers, often known as design consultants, create environments of various sizes, from rooms in residences to hotels to airports. If you like dealing with people and have an eye for color, texture, and lighting, being a design consultant might be a wonderful fit for you. Continue reading to discover more about this profession and the schooling requirements. Design consultants offer suggestions for combining form, utility, and aesthetics to create a place or product. They are employed in the fields of interior design and graphic design.

Responsibilities of an Interior Design Consultant

A design consultant's tasks include assessing client needs, producing goods and prototypes, designing visually attractive interior spaces, and inventing new fashions.

To be a successful design consultant, you need to have a solid understanding of computer-aided design (CAD) tools. A great design consultant is imaginative and has a solid grasp of colors, themes, and textures.

Their Professional Services include:

  • Evaluating the demands of the customer by looking at their space, target audience, or website.
  • Creating prototypes, drawings, and other representations using digital design tools to show clients what the final product will look like.
  • Choosing color palettes, styles, themes, and layouts to make the approved design come to life.
  • Collaborating with other experts to enhance and modernize current designs.
  • Aiding in the marketing of finished designs
  • Assuring that the client's message was received and that they were pleased with the final output.

Interior Design Consultant Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design, interior design, or related fields
  • A license may be required for an interior design consultant.
  • A portfolio of completed designs.
  • Strong working knowledge of CAD software
  • Good understanding of colors, themes, styles, and layouts
  • Excellent creative, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail and time management skills
  • Experience with maintaining a budget.

Interior Design Consultancy Overview

Whether you work for a consulting business or as an individual consultant, your initial duty will be to meet with your customers to learn about their needs. Following that, you might submit blueprints or drawings depending on your clients' ideas and your design expertise. Flooring, wallpaper, paint, furniture, window coverings, room accessories, and lighting would be suggested, and samples would be provided. You'd give your clients pricing and budget information and, if required, engage subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, or drywall work.

Design consultants frequently collaborate with architects and other project participants. While designers have historically focused on decoration, their work gradually expands to include architectural elements such as moldings and other woodwork accents. You could also be asked to assist with the placement of entrances, pathways, closets, and other elements in new construction or refurbishment.

Numerous interior designers specialize in a certain area, such as closets, kitchens, indoor gardens, bathrooms, home spas, or other areas. You could discover that you have a talent for a certain sort of design, such as green design (which emphasizes energy efficiency, non-toxic materials, and renewable resources) or design for a specific demographic, such as the disabled or elderly.

Facts to Know About Interior Design Consultants

  1. On-the-Job Education -Internship programs can help you get experience
  2. Key Competencies - Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, attention to detail, customer focus
  3. Examples of work environments - Furniture stores, wholesale facilities, and engineering/architectural businesses.
  4. Occupations that are similar -Architects, art directors, craft and fine artists, graphic designers, industrial designers, and landscape architects are among those who work in this field.

Midor Interior Designer and Furnishing are committed to providing attractive, creative, and innovative interior design and re-modelling services on time and within budget. There is no such thing as a tiny project or an unrealistic goal. It's not simply a business at Midor; it's a passion. Look no further if you seek a Malaysian interior design consultant or renovation contractor to manage your interior design and satisfy your commercial interior design and office renovation demands.