Malaysia School Renovation | Laboratory Renovation

Taylor's University Sdn Bhd
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Berjaya University College Of Hospitality (aka Berjaya College of Nursing & Health Sciences)
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School / Laboratory Renovation

Midor has been involved in several school and laboratory renovations in Malaysia for past years. We are well verse with small construction works to major build around schools and institutions. Midor aims to create a delightful learning environment for students in today's era. The learning and laboratory facilities revolving around the education syllabus today has progressed far ahead from mere academic papers. As an interior designing company, we play our part in facilitating a better leartning environment. Renovation around school now involves construction of stadiums, fields, canteens, labs, computer rooms, libraries, wellness centre, art galleries, halls etc. To extremes, schools are investing additional money to bring in ergonomic chairs, e-learning equipments and other gadgets to better improve the learning experience. Midor helps blend traditions with innovation for the learning community around Malaysia. Renovation around school requires tremendous amount of planning, and long hours of construction work with meticulous attention to furnishing and fixture details. Midor promises quality craftsmanship on all renovation works, making sure that all students can study better. Have a look at our portfolio of school renovation, and feel free to contact us if we could do at your service.