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Mandara Spa (M) Sdn Bhd
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Mustika Ratu KL
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Universal Studio Singapore
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Petrie Villa
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Other Renovation

Midor Interior designs and renovates a multitude of premises in Malaysia, ranging from the likes of food courts to hair saloons. We are extremely dedicated in our renovation work, hence the decision to widen our portfolio to keep ourselves sharp on the latest trends. We help renovate premises with specific intent: to help businesses appeal to target audience with clear messages. Depending on the nature of the business premise, we customize designs to best to help reflect your business image. Renovating a food court and saloon requires deep understanding on the operation, to better help build a premise with practicality rather than mere aesthetic feats. This applies to the spectrum of our services of renovation works, be it minor upgrades or major renovation. This is why we insist on business owners' active participation through the project. When owners are closely involved, not just they can monitor progress but also we can achieve the looks precisely of what they desire. We try our best to shorten the business down time, by working timely on the time line as agreed so businesses can start or resume operation as soon as possible. Take a look at our portfolio of our proud renovation works. These mark our dedication for authenticity and quality, just as promised by Midor.