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Petronas, KLCC
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CIDB Malaysia, Shah Alam Construction Court
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Koperasi Tentera, Shah Alam
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Econpile (M) Sdn Bhd
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Western Digital Sdn Bhd
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LHDN ,Indra Tropika Sdn Bhd
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Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang
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Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Bangsar
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Office Renovation

Office renovation and interior design is getting extremely popular, and there are many readily available firms offering such services. However, not all firms might get the job done, especially customized ones. Midor Interior specializes in office interior designs and renovation works. We combine the best workmanship and contemporary designs for all offices to diverse industries in Malaysia. Our work is a combination of art and science. We extend our services to business owners expanding their operations. We cater our office renovation services to a vast array of different industries, for all scales whether small office, SMEs or corporate office towers. We cover all sorts of renovation works from minor divider installation to major space planning & build. Whenever we take hold of a project, we carefully plan our resources to make sure your operation downtime is minimized. Customized office renovation is extremely important for your business because the outlook represents corporate image, and further influences the client's perspective. Many instances are reported where office renovations have been associated with the likeliness of success of a business. Midor takes office renovation with full seriousness that all offices deserve. We are dedicated to take the extra mile to help transform offices. We spend tremendous amount of time and effort on our office renovation works for this intent, which covers ceiling, flooring, electric wiring, painting, partition, doors and many other custom works. Renovation quality will always be our top priority. Midor works punctually within the project timeline, for timely delivery. We also make sure business owners are involved closely with the project progress to make sure we achieve the look they desire, to help the business grow better. For bigger organizations that require creative interior design work, Midor assures that our qualified interior designing panel will make realistic use of your office environment and corporate image. Our team is well equipped with vast experience for all different office renovation works. We are dedicated to provide value added renovation and refurbishment services. Our renovation work is to ensure the authenticity and quality we deliver are always above par of industry standards. Have a look at our work below for all office renovations in Malaysia by Midor.

If your office requires renovation, Midor is your trusted choice for excellence. We help transform your office into conducive and desired working environment to fit your office needs. Take a look at our office work examples above.