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Malaysia Best Interior Design Comapny | Commercial Renovation | Interior Design & Build Company

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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Interior Design

Interior designing is no longer restricted to just homes and hotels. Commercial interior design has taken the industry by storm. However, there are many things one needs to keep in mind while designing a commercial space. A lot of strategic planning goes into this process.

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Commercial Interior Design & Office Renovation - Important Design Elements

Commercial interior design and office renovations provide opportunities to update the corporate image of the company and produce a fresh ambience to the company. Employees and clients will feel delightful over the new image. When undergoing a commercial renovation, it is common for owners to lose sight of vital elements that will give their space a whole new look, hence an interior design company...

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The Art of Effective Office Renovation

Before you decide to go in for office renovation you must understand that it involves a major decision that should lead to positive results. When you renovate your office you can give it a new design and style...

Malaysia's Best Interior Design and Renovation Company

Welcome to Midor Interior Designer and Furnishing Sdn Bhd

Midor Interior is one of the best interior design companies renowned for our commercial interior design and renovation works around Malaysia. With close to forty years of experience in the industry, we have built a large number of commercial interior design portfolios. Our highly skilled and creative team has allowed us to bag numerous prestigious awards, to be named among the best interior design companies in Malaysia. We are very passionate in delivering beautiful, creative and practical interior projects. As your interior designer, contractor and builder, we help craft visual stories that become signature surroundings. Working closely with clients’ aspirations, we design singular interiors which allows client to fully express who they are, and values behind it. We have established a very strong presence in the interior design and build industry by offering quality craftsmanship for all budgets. Whether designing residential or commercial spaces, Midor has built a remarkable reputation on achieving highly individual results for a multitude of clientele.

Interior Design & Build in Malaysia - The Midor Advantage

We understand the fuzz around getting the best interior design company. As much as we would like you to engage us, why not have a look why choose Midor as your preffered interior design contractor instead of otheres? We are confident in delivering results above satisfaction.

Malaysia Commercial Design and Office Renovations

When you want the best quality Malaysia's commercial design and renovations for your office and commercial space, we are going to work with you to ensure you get the design and finish you want. When you turn to Midor Interior, we will work with commercial business owners as much, or as little as they want, to ensure we are going to get them the interior design they love, and the finishes that they want around their entire property.

How Good Interior Design Becomes Visual Delights

Interior design commonly refers to a variety of projects that involve modifying an interior space, so that it becomes both suitable for living and working, as well as pleasing to look at. In a similar way, home furnishing describes a wide range of objects, both movable and immobile that is built to support different activities. Home furnishing and interior design are closely bound, due to the fact that people relate to comfort not only in the physical sense of the term, but also in a visual way.

Midor - Malaysia's Top Commercial Interior Design Company

A firm's premises are not only a place where the firm is run. It is also the working environment of several workers, and the outlet where customers shop. Thus, whatever type of commercial premises an entrepreneur owns, a lot of importance needs to be placed on their design and look. An office needs to be laid out in an efficient yet appealing manner. A shop should be decorated nicely so as to appeal to customers, while also making the best use of the floor area. This is where commercial interior design comes into play.

Understanding the Importance of Office Renovation

Many office managers and office owners hesitate to renovate their offices. Some think that renovating an office will needlessly cost them money while others think that the entire task will be too difficult and dreadful. If you want to know the truth, then office renovation is something that needs to be done regularly. It helps to promote growth as well as prosperity.

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4 Guidelines to Maximize Branding Through Interior Design & Build

You are your own brand, and it's up to you to define what that should be. That should extend to your office environment, your concierge, your lobby, waiting area to instill the culture among employees. The common problem with interior designers is they propose an idea before gathering information from clients.

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How to Work with an Interior Designer and Builder

Whenever people resort to interior designers, they usually have zero ideas on how the premise should look like. They have no knowledge on aesthetics, wall colors, window treatment etc. These could go on deeper into details, like floor plan, architectural envelope, nail head and tufts. Interior designers are never mind readers.

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Why is Office Renovation Important?

Do you want to know why is office renovation important? Are you one of those who think of office renovation as a chore that takes up all your time and makes you spend a lot of money needlessly?